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    Chris Sandiford
    Chris Sandiford

      Not sure if this is a Surface-specific thing but here goes. When I snap a window to the left or right, and it fills half the screen, I then pick something I want in the other half. If I then shut one of the windows down, I’d expect the remaining one to fill the screen again but it doesn’t. I have to manually drag the findow full screen.

      a. Is this normal?
      b. Is there a short cut to snap full again? Even maximising doesn’t work as it’s treating the screen real estate as 50% of its normal size.



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      Tim Rolston

        On Windows 10, it’s normal. On 8.1, not so much.

        Are you running 10 or 8.1?

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        Chris Sandiford
        Chris Sandiford

          Windows 10, latest Insider build. Just though there might be a more elegant way of resuming full screen rather than dragging the divider across.

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